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zohra: np, hmm, may have been right to remove it, but I'm surprised it's in main when nothing else does zohra: try doing'sudo update-locale LANG=en_GB.utf8' to work out where the keymap file is coming from Kamion: do you know why ubuntu-artwork no longer has the nautilus wallpaper? Mithrandir: I didn't change anything, but I'm pretty sure it didn't depend on it Kamion: it depends on it now, and I don't think we have it in the archive any more. Kamion: it was removed in warty. I don't think it was added in any point in the history of ubuntu-artwork. Mithrandir: in the seed hm, ok. I'll upload new ubuntu-artwork then. don't bother, I'll do it Kamion: if you can, could you take care of u-i for me? Mithrandir: go ahead and remove ubuntu-artwork from the seeds yes, done Kamion: thanks. Kamion: ubuntu-artwork was removed from the seeds, but ubuntu-artwork-usplash was still seeded in the desktop-powerpc CD. Kamion: it's gone from the desktop-powerpc CD now, but not from the desktop seeds. (also, should the desktop seeds be pulling the artwork from the CD?) Mithrandir: yes, I thought I remembered that, but I don't know why the CD doesn't get removed Mithrandir: I'll check tomorrow if I can Mithrandir: no, that doesn't work,





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Cutok Dc330 Driver halfnan
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