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Medical and Photograph Consent

As part of the player registration process you are asked to agree to the medical and photographic consent statements,  please find below herewith the statements for Medical and photographic consent agreements.



Medical Consent

In the event that your son or daughter is injured whilst playing football or travelling to and from football events related to Great Harriers FC activities, and you cannot be contacted on any of the numbers you have given us when completing the players registration form, you herby give your consent for your child to receive medical attention.


Photograph Consent

In the event that any photographic images of your son or daughter are taken whilst playing, training or involved in any activities related to Great Barr Harriers FC, you the Parent/Guardian herby give your consent that these photographs can be taken at the managers or committee’s discretion and used in line with the latest FA Guidelines by completing and signing our registration form.  

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